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This Week I’ve Painted… Protectorate of Menoth Reckoner Warjack

September 21st, 2010

Bit slow to update this week, but her’s what I’ve been up to. The Choir of Menoth in my small Protectorate of Menoth force clearly needed something to sing about – so here it is – A new Reckoner Warjack. Obviously, It’s not the actual Privateer Press Reckoner model – I decided that I really like the plastic ones and […]


This Week I’ve Painted… The Choir of Menoth

August 15th, 2010

Recently, I went and purchased a whole bunch of models for a new army. Nothing remarkable there for me you might think, except that this is probably the first non-Games Workshop army for war gaming I’ve ever bought (okay, there was that German World War II army, but they were for a Warhammer based game). […]