Horus Heresy World Eaters Land Speeder

You don’t see many Land Speeders in Horus Heresy (other than Forgeworld’s lovely Javelin model). I assume this is because there’s no Heresy specific kit – just the 40k one. Now there’s nothing wrong with the current 40k kit, but most Heresy players like to have models that look a bit different to their 40K counterparts. I’m the same, and was sure there must be a way to ‘Heresy-ise’ it. When I first got into 40K (back during the last days of Rogue Trader), I *loved* the Land Speeder model – it was the miniature I really wanted. It looks a bit dated now, but it has a lot of fond memories for me. Could I convert the existing plastic Land Speeder to look like the old Rogue Trader one? Yes, just about! The results are pictured below. Hope you like it!





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