Bristol Vanguard versus HATE!

My World Eaters had another outing recently; this time at an event in Bristol organised by Paul, a member of both Bristol Vanguard and HATE club (HATE – Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts). This was the long awaited showdown of HATE vs Bristol Vanguard! Paul had organised a superb set of scenarios representing the forces of HATE assaulting a Vanguard held planet, Ichar IV. There were Battlefleet Gothic scenarios, planetary drops, massed Titan games, aerial assaults, mercenaries (in the guise of the Reading Spikey Club), a liberal smattering of Space Cash and War Bonds and lots of fun games! It was great to see all the HATE and Spikey boys and a lot of fun was had, but in the end, Bristol Vanguard was victorious! I managed to get a few photos below, mainly from the massive robot game played on the Saturday and a bank heist game on the Sunday, but also from some of the other games.


The planet drop begins with Battlefleet Gothic



World Eaters counter-attack Drop Podding Imperial Fists, painted by Willard Foxton and played by Toby



Imperial Fists Terminators

The Titan game was pre-planned and was an excuse to use those lovely Forgeworld toys we have but rarely use. Henry brought down his Warlord, which was beautifully painted, but the most notable features were the converted Arioch Power Claw and the heavy wooden crates it arrived sealed inside. Power tools were needed to open them up! I brought Occulus Sanguinuis, my Legio Fureans Reaver – this was the ideal push I needed to get it finished. Several Warhounds and Knights also made it, along with some infantry for grabbing obejctives. We did not expect these to last long given the titanic weaponry being unleashed. We Bristolians had already made our plans for fighting against the Warlord – our strategy was as follows: Use heavy weapons like autocannons and lascannons to strip the Void shields off the Warlord, then move in with the Destroyer class weapons mounted on the Reaver and Warhounds. If that failed, then charging the Knights in with their Destroyer Chainswords would do the trick. In the first game we played, this worked perfectly. The Warlord spread its immense firepower across the field, causing damage to most of our forces, but leaving everything intact. The combined force of three Knights, three Warhounds, a Reaver Titan and a Deredeo Dreadnought (turns out these are *amazing* at stripping void shields!) then concentrated their firepower on the mighty Warlord, causing enough damage to set off its volatile plasma reactor. The resultant explosion was colossal; a 24” radius of destruction effectively destroyed most of the forces of HATE left on the board. With that accomplished fairly speedily, we actually had time for a second game. Henry had clearly learnt from the first game and concentrated his fire much more effectively – my Reaver was toast on turn one. Boo! It ended one Titan game victory each and all agreed a great time was had.


Engine Sighted! Imperial Fists Devastators prepare for incoming bombardment.


The Warlord Titan Surveys the battlefield


Infantry are lost amongst the titanic footfalls of the God-engines


Imperial Fists Drill-Pod guns for Occulus Sanguinus, but is swatted aside


God-Engines exchange fire



Brother Leviathus, Imperial Fists Contemptor-Breacher bravely, but vainly charges the ankle of Occulus Sanguinus


Clearly outmatched, a World Eaters Librarian hides from the Warlord Titan and attendant Knight.

The other memorable game was the afore-mentioned bank heist. In order to raise some more space cash, a small force of Raven Guard commandoes were despatched to rob the First Bank of Vanguard. Fortunately, security was being provided by an unlikely source – the World Eaters! Despite a daring attempt at a ram raid, the game ended with the Raven Guard’s getaway vehicles burning and the would-be robbers dead in the icy wastes. Vanguard’s wage roll and war bond certificates were saved! This time tomorrow we’ll be on a beach planet earning twenty percent!


World Eaters’ security detail awaiting a run on the First Bank of Vanguard


World Eaters heavy units


World Eater rev their engines (and chain axes) to keep warm


The Raven Guard robbery begins with a funneled assault…



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