World Eaters vs Raven Guard

Ross Pearson and I recently played a fantastic game of Heresy recently and fortunately I managed to get a few photos! I thought I’d share them with you. This game epitomised everything I love about the Heresy game; models, background and rules that complement each other, a close fought, enjoyable game, and great scenarios that feel true to the background. This felt just like I imagine those smaller, but no less important, skirmishes that must have been common during the Heresy. It was the culmination of a small campaign Toby had been running at Bristol Vanguard and the campaign players all met at BIG (Bristol Independent Gaming) for an evening of gaming. Toby had issued scenarios based on how our forces had performed during the campaign and my traitor World Eaters were now ready to strike deep within loyalist territory. Based on this, Ross and I were given the Scorched Earth Strategic Raid Mission from Book IV: Conquest. This involves the attacker attempting to deny a strategic resource to the defender by destroying it and everything around it. Neither of us had played this mission before and it turned out to be a lot of fun – but one thing to bear in mind is how it is balanced. One player using the same scenario complained that it was impossible for the defender to win as the attacker can simply destroy the resource early on. However, even if all the defender’s resources are destroyed, they can still win the game by eliminating the attacker totally – someone has to survive for the attacker to win. If the attacker concentrates all his energy on destroying the resources, he leaves his opponent relatively intact – and ready to punish him! We used the ‘Phosphex Reserves’ objective from the is mission, with the smoking pits and chemical industry scenery – clearly the World Eaters 121st Shock has been despatched to destroy Corax’s illegal Phosphex Fracking operation and the environmental catastrophe it represented. The game was incredibly close – the World Eaters started strongly by knocking out most of the refined phosphex stockpiles with krak grenades and melta bombs. This had two unfortunate side effects; it left many Raven Guard unharmed in order to extract a heavy toll on the World Eaters; and it released huge clouds of flesh melting phosphex gas into the local atmosphere, just as my poor World Eaters were crowded around the canisters. Many World Eaters suffered from the Raven Guard’s poor industrial safety record that day, as well as their swords. Environmentalists the galaxy over will mourn your passing, men. In the end though, despite horrible casualties, Corax’s illegal fracking operation had been destroyed and *just* enough World Eaters escaped, meaning victory went to Angron’s freedom fighters! Hurrah!


Raven Guard garrisoning the Phospex processing facility


“Right a bit!” – World Eaters mechanised units advance cautiously past the Phosphex pits


World Eaters Despoilers throw caution to the wind and rush the phosphex well-heads


World Eaters shock units attack the Raven Guard positions


The Raven Guard garrison falls back under the fury of the World Eater assault


The World Eaters advance, pushed on by their Chaplain and Apothecary to ignore the hideous Phospex related injuries


World Eaters Land Speeder Javelin gets a little too close to the Phosphex pits



Raven Guard reinforcements from orbit deploy to eliminate the World Eaters support vehicles


The Raven Guard garrison commander leads a counter attack past a disabled World Eaters Rhino


The World Eaters, with the fracking operation eliminated, concentrate on their own personal goal – as much bloodshed and devastation as possible


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