Forgeworld Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan

So this was a bit unplanned. I bought this Titan as a present for myself after I got my first job from university, back in 2002. I had painted it yellow, as it was planned to accompany my original Imperial Fists army, but never got much further. I lacked the skill and confidence to do it justice back then and did bits and pieces to it over the years, but was never really happy with it and it’s mainly sat in a box.

I’d been thinking for some time now of trading this Warhound in for a newer model (I think I prefer the Mars pattern one) and I might still do – *however*! I realised that with the Heresy Throne of Skulls coming up that the 2250 point World Eaters army that I took to Greg Dann’s Scorched Earth event would become a great (and legal) 3,000 point army with the simple addition of a Warhound Titan! It needed an overhaul, but after I flushed the plasma reactor and re-wiped the Servitors’ brains (and applied a flaming paint job), I think it’ll be ready to go!   It’s now a Legio Fureans Titan, which means applying the Eye of Horus to it. Once I’m at Warhammer World this weekend, I’ll pick up a set of the new Legio Fureans transfers as well.

It’s therefore a bit of a collaboration between Matt aged 20 and Matt aged 33. As my friend Will said, “I bet you never expected that thing to wind up as a Traitor Titan!”

Anyway, the info (hopefully this Titan will be on the excellent Titan Owners’ Club blog shortly) :

Number: 141
Name: Calvarium Canis
Pattern: Lucius Pattern
Armament : Turbo laser Destructor and Plasma Blast gun
Princeps: Jaxxor Han
Legio: Fureans (The Tiger Eyes)
Location: Bristol, UK
Battle Honours: Due to its troubled inception, Calvarium Canis has yet to receive any formal honours, but hopes to rectify this during its first engine walk at the Throne of Skulls, alongside the World Eaters 121st Shock Brigade.


Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_01

Calverium Canis having just had a coat of varnish

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_02

The Legio Fureans’ classic flaming paint scheme

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_03

The Eye of Horus, signifying allegiance to theTraitors’ cause

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_04

Eye of Horus and void shield generators

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_05

Weapons Servitor

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_06

Back in the day when Pat and I put hinges on everything. These are made from brass rod.

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_07

Princeps Jaxxor Han and Moderati

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_08

Turbolaser Destructor – ‘D’ weapon goodness

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_09

The weathering to the leg armour is visible here.

Legio Fureans Warhound Titan_10

Plasma Blastgun


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