Heresy World Eaters Legion Attack Bikes

These boys actually got built and painted last year, but I only just realised that I hadn’t posted about them! I think Attack Bikes in Heresy are underrated. They’re cheap for what they do and get a good range of firepower and assault options. Mine are equipped with Autocannons, Melta Bombs and, of course, Chain Axes. It’s often a bit of a surprise for opponents when these guys charge into combat, getting Hammer of Wrath and then five attacks each (2 base, +1 for Bolt Pistol and Chain Axe, +2 for Rage). With Melta Bombs they can also take out vehicles with ease.

To maintain the Heresy aesthetic, I based them on Forgeworld’s Outrider models, which are really nice. But rather than add a sidecar, 40k style, I went for a rear seat with a gunner on the back of each bike. This was inspired by¬†old background text, where it describes the Legions as using a variety of vehicles in this role, including quad bikes, sidecars and reinforced chassis with extra crew.

The Autocannons are simply Forgeworld’s Legion Autocannons repurposed, whilst the gunner’s legs are, oddly enough, the original RTB01 plastic legs as they were the only ones small enough to fit. I don’t think you notice that they’re a little small though!

The base and gunner were also magnetised so that if I ever feel like using them as Outriders, I still can!











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