World Eaters Heresy Quad Mortars / Thudd Guns

Last unit completed for the Imperial Truth’s Scorched Earth event! These are my World Eaters artillery. According to the background, all the Legions maintained units to suit any style of war, although obviously each had their specialisation. So although the World Eaters will maintain an artillery formation, World Eaters being World Eaters, nobody is ever going to want to serve there, behind the lines and away from the thrill of close combat. Not when there are units that get given chain axes. So I figure only Marines that have done something wrong get sent to the artillery – it’s a punishment for failure or for upsetting the wrong officer. These crew have been stripped of their chain axes and blue shoulder pads and have been relegated to artillery crew. They’ll get their axes back when they redeem themselves.

Obviously these are the Krieg Thudd Guns rather than the new Heresy guns released by Forgeworld, but I rather like that they look more primitive – it fits with the World Eaters neglecting units they care little for and maintain only because they have to.

I’ll post a report from the event soon! But you can hear about it at Greg Dan’s excellent podcast, the Imperial Truth.








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