Heresy World Eaters Deredeo Dreadnought

Afternoon all! This is Ancient Astraman Judd of the World Eaters Legion. Formerly a lieutenant commander in the 3rd Assault Chapter, his internment in Dreadnought armour predates the arrival of Angron, meaning he lacks the ‘advantage’ of being implanted with the Butcher’s Nails. He survived the purge on Isstvan III by dint of the Legion’s Techmarines simply forgetting about him (record keeping never being the World Eaters strong point) and was later woken when a thorough search of the ordnance decks of the battle barge Conqueror was finally made. Honourable and fanatically loyal to the Legion, Judd was granted the latest¬†Deredeo¬†armour as he could be relied upon to hold position to protect the rest of any force from enemy aircraft and armour. Whilst no one doubts his commitment to his brothers, there are those that wonder at his commitment to the cause…

People seem quite divided over Forgeworld’s Deredeo model, but I really like it. It’s pretty beefy – that’s an 80mm base it comes with rather than the normal 60mm Dreadnought base. The only modifications I’ve made to this are re-positioning the arms to aim the guns out (hot water to soften the ammo feeds) and a radar turret on top. I decided not to pay the points for either the Missile Launcher or the Atomantic Pavaise.







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