Heresy World Eaters Vindicator Laser Destroyer

Continuing the Heresy World Eaters models, this week I’ve painted the new(ish) Vindicator Laser Destroyer tank from Forgeworld. Having played against a lot of Knights recently (at one recent tournament I played against three Knight armies in a row – I killed eight that day with my World Eaters), I decided to add some more anti armour to my army. And what better than a dedicated tank destroyer, the Vindicator with Rapier Laser! Whilst some of the┬álarger flatter resin pieces are a little wibbly-wobbly, it’s still a great kit and I think it looks excellent.


Vindicator Laser Destroyer_01

Haven’t done too much to this one – just a smoke launcher and a search light. I’d like to go back and add some stowage and a crewman when I get time!

Vindicator Laser Destroyer_02

Vindicator Laser Destroyer_03

Vindicator Laser Destroyer_04 Vindicator Laser Destroyer_05


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