Sons of Medusa Space Marines – now with added Bionics!

I’m still painting Sons of Medusa Space Marines – here are the latest Tactical Marines.

A bit too much weak flesh.

A bit too much weak flesh.

I’m rather pleased with them, but they’re a little bit plain – they needed something a bit more special. Now as Space Marines descended from (okay, kicked out of) the Iron Hands, the Sons of Medusa are fully signed up to the ‘The Flesh is Weak’ credo. This is what gives them the 6+ Feel No Pain rule in the current 40K codex. Ideally they needed something to represent this on the models – obviously a lot of bionics would do the job! There are a few bionic bits on some of the plastic Space Marine sprues, and a couple of bits in Forgeworld’s Space Marine character bits pack, but this wasn’t really as wide a range as I would like. Enter the increasing number of third party groups producing GW compatible parts! I’ve never used any of these firms before, so wasn’t sure where to start. I posted a request for advice to the wide range of modellers at Bristol Vanguard and HATE and they recommended me some firms, including Anvil Industries, Maximini and PuppetsWar. There was lots of good stuff out there, but the Anvil Bionics just edged it for me because of the wide variety of parts I could order, including alternate arm sets, Terminator arm sets, fully poseable legs, bionic faces and some helmet crests just because they seemed cool! The first chaps I’ve built are shown below, and the Anvil parts fit perfectly onto the plastic Space Marines. The poseable arms and legs look fiddly, but are actually very easy to fit. I’ll post more pictures once they’re painted!

Much more in keeping!

Much more in keeping!


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2 Responses to “Sons of Medusa Space Marines – now with added Bionics!”

  1. Andy says:

    These are immense!! What greens did you use please?!?

  2. Matt says:

    Hi, sorry I missed your comment! The base coat is the old Foundation Paint Gretchin Green, with Camo Green as a highlight. Camo Green plus skull white is the final highlight.

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