More Sons of Medusa Sternguard

Afternoon all! This update is a little later than I planned (aren’t they all), but here are some more Sons of Medusa Sternguard to accompany my earlier one here. As I said in the previous post, I’ve been using them in some Kill Team, where despite their high points cost, they’ve turned out to be excellent. This is largely due to the fact of their special issue ammunition. This is pretty good in regular 40k, but in Kill Team the fact that all models operate as individuals operate singly means that you can optimise every single model’s shooting. Models at long range can use Kraken rounds (and they’re very good if you’re just over 12″ too to get two shots!), whilst models at shorter ranges can use Vengeance or Hellfire. Even Dragonfire is useful against certain enemies. In addition, being able to give three models in the force special skills works really well with these ammunition types. In particular ‘Ignore Cover’ and ‘Preferred Enemy’ work very well with the AP3 Vengeance rounds!

Anyway, on with the models! these are all regular Sternguard, so no additional equipment on them. I added a bionic face from the Tactical sprue to one of them – I’m sure part of his face wound being weak and had to be cut out. I’m also painting them with Clan Atropos markings, as per the Forgeworld Badab part 2 book. There’s some cool background and a heavily bionic character to go with them if I feel like expanding them.

Speaking of expanding, I’m assembled a character model to go with these chaps…


Sons of Medusa Sterngaurd bcd_01

Three more Sons of Medusa Sternguard.


Sons of Medusa Sterngaurd c_01 (2)

Note the cog tattoo on this Marine’s skull.


Sons of Medusa Sterngaurd d_01

The black and white Clan Atropos marking.


Sons of Medusa Sterngaurd c_01

The Sternguard box includes a lot of nice bits, including almost all the bits to make a Marine in Mk4 armour.


Sons of Medusa Sterngaurd b_02

The flesh is weak!


Sons of Medusa Sterngaurd b_01

Brother Farad. I’ll probably give science/engineering names to any Marines that need them on their scrollwork.


Sons of Medusa Master_01

This chap will probably be a Chapter Master with the Shield Eternal.


Sons of Medusa Master_02

The shield will receive some pretentious freehand, I’m sure!


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