Sons of Medusa Sternguard Space Marine

Just a quick update today – I’ve been away on honeymoon, which is why I’ve not posted for a while. But now I’m back and back painting! Our local group of players have started playing Kill Team recently and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to paint some new models without making a big commitment. I was keen to give the Iron Hands chapter Tactics a go, but I feel the colour scheme isn’t that exciting. However, The Sons of Medusa look much cooler! With my 200 point budget I’m taking a 5-man squad of Sternguard with a 5-man Tactical Squad with a Heavy Bolter. The first of the Sternguard is below! It’s a bit of a departure from the spray-and-dip Imperial Fists and World Eaters I’ve been doing recently. I was keen to go back to doing some neater models – what do you think?


Sons of Medusa Sternguard Veteran with Bolter and Special Issue Ammunition

Sons of Medusa Sternguard Veteran with Bolter and Special Issue Ammunition


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4 Responses to “Sons of Medusa Sternguard Space Marine”

  1. John Masaon-Paull says:

    Very pretty. Oh so clean and precise too. I love that green – it looks more like a Raptors colour scheme than the bright green I associate with Sons of Medusa. I think the earthy, camo green works better with the bright white – a nice dichotomy. Have you got any helmetless marines? I wonder whether they’d match the rest of the squad well or if the lack of white would look odd.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks John! I was keen to go back to doing some very neatly painted Space Marines after the World Eaters and Imperial Fists just to see if I still could. I have a couple of helmetless Marines planned for the squad – I’ll post them up as soon as I’ve painted them. Hopefully they’ll look OK!

  3. Shane says:

    I absolutely love this model! The painting is really crisp, and I actually prefer this green to the traditional. What colors did you use for it?

  4. Matt says:

    Hi Shane, thanks! The green is the old Citadel Foundation paint, Gretchin Green, shaded with Athonian Camo shade and highlighted with a Camo Green / white mix.

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