Reaver Titan update and More Imperial Fists

Not a huge amount to report this week, but people have been asking how the Reaver Titan is going and the answer is: well, slowly. It’s a big model! But individual pieces are coming along nicely. I’ve finished a few of the armour plates and the rear centre of the body, as seen below.

028_Finshed Armour plates

From top left, clockwise: Rear pelvis armour, centre rear torso unit, lower front carapace, left ankle left piston. This project is going to take a while!


In other news, the tournament season will be starting properly soon and I’d like to get my 40k Imperial Fists up to scratch. After many army planning conversations with Will Foxton, I have been convinced by him that Honour Guard make a good accompaniment for Chapter Masters, so I’m building and painting a squad right now. The first two are below. As you can see, they use a lot of Black Templar parts, but I don’t think that’s inappropriate!


Unpainted Imperial Fists Honour Guard

Honour Guard with Power Maul; Honour Guard with Power Axe and Boltgun.



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2 Responses to “Reaver Titan update and More Imperial Fists”

  1. Being another Imperial Fists player with a Reaver Titan kit to assemble I was excited to see your blog posts about the reaver. Have you made any further progress? I’ve considered painting mine in yellow as well but haven’t yet decided for sure…

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve made some small progress, but I recently painted a Knight in House Hawkshroud colours which I was rather pleased with. It uses Boltgun Metal armour trim instead of black and I’m currently weighing up whether to report the armour plates I’ve finished on the Reaver or not!

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