Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Rhino

As per my previous blog post, I’m taking my pre-Heresy Imperial Fists to the Doubles tournament at Warhammer World in January. I’m making good progress on these chaps – here’s the latest, a Rhino for one of my Tactical squads to ride around in.

Pre-Heresy Rhino_06
This is another strip and rebuild special and you can see a photo of how it looked on receipt below.

Before the resoration

Before the resoration


It now has a lovely yellow paint job, complete with legion badges. Except for the giant aerial identification marking on the top hatch, they’re all transfers that have been painted over, highlighted and weathered. I find that they save a lot of time and once they’ve been painted over, you can’t really tell that they’re transfers. The giant fist marking on the top hatch was sketched out based on a 3:1 size increase over one of the tank transfers. It was then blocked in, highlighted and weathered. I’m quite pleased with the results and I think it goes nicely with the Predator I did previously!

Matching vehicles

Matching vehicles

Pre-Heresy Rhino_01

Pre-Heresy Rhino_02

Pre-Heresy Rhino_03

Pre-Heresy Rhino_04

Pre-Heresy Rhino_05


Imperial Fists Marines with their transport

Imperial Fists Marines with their transport


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  1. Willard says:

    Everything looks amazing.

    In a fractious team bonding sense, how are you going to get that flag through low doorways! You’ll never cut it in the Boarding marines:)

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