World Eaters Chaos Spawn and Mutilator

In the Bristol Vanguard Escalation league, we’re getting towards the end! It’s 1,500 points this month (the penultimate month) and I’ve still not added any fliers or anti air defence. Which is probably a bit silly, but I don’t think the World Eaters are particularly known for their thorough preparations. This month’s list is:


Kharn the Betrayer


Chaos Space Marine Squad (10 men), VOTLW, plus 2x Plasma Guns

Chaos Space Marine Squad (10 men), VOTLW, plus 2x Plasma Guns

Chaos Space Marine Squad (10 men), VOTLW, plus 2x Melta Guns

10 Cultists

30 Cultists, plus 3x Flamers

5 Chaos Spawn with GIANT ARMOUR PLATES (AKA Mark of Nurgle)

5 Chaos Space Marine Havocs plus 4x Autocannons

Predator Annihilator with lascannon sponsons



Placing Kharn with 20 Cultists has been super effective in previous games. Which means that placing him with 30 Cultists must be even more effective! I’ve added three flamers too as they’re cheap and they’re useful for burning infantry and good on overwatch. The other main additions are bulking out the third squad of Marines to 10 men and adding meltaguns, and controversially, a Mutilator! These things are universally derided by everyone as they’re slow and have no guns. I think I can see a use for them deep striking next to annoying artillery, but I’ll be honest – he’s in the list as it was the easiest way to paint 50-odd points for the list. I’ve been time short lately!

Speaking of Mutilators, here’s the painted one! As this is a heresy/pre-heresy World Eaters army, I’ve modelled him in Terminator armour with giant claws – I imagine this is how Mutilators started out. The claws are taken from the Ork Nobz set, whilst the body is from the Deathwing veteran sergeant from Dark Vengeance, with a few modifications to ensure he can’t be confused for any loyalists.

He probably used to be a member of the first company; now he's just REALLY ANGRY.

He probably used to be a member of the first company; now he’s just REALLY ANGRY.

Hopefully those claws will tear they way through the enemy and he won't just get shot.

Hopefully those claws will tear they way through the enemy and he won’t just get shot.


Chop chop.


In addition, I’ve finally gotten round to painting my Chaos Spawn, aka my OGRYN DEATH BERSERKERS 5000. I’ve found Chaos Spawn to be very good in the Chaos Marine army, but if you’re doing a pre-heresy army, then having mutated gribblies would be a bit odd. I worked on the assumption that the World Eaters Legion is pretty big and probably has all sorts of strange support units and hangers on with it. Some Ogryns with the addition of giant close combat weapons for hands and souped-up versions of the butcher’s nails would be perfect. I reckon these chaps might be employed as additional combat units by the World Eaters on campaign and put in a pit and made to fight for entertainment when they’re not. I imagine a horde of Space Marines around the edge of this pit egging them on and making side bets. Forty Quatloons on the newcomer!

They’re obviously based on the Ogre Kingdoms Ogre boxed set, with a variety of weapons where their hands should be. I’ve then added guitar wire for the head cables and Ork armour plates on to the shoulders. They’ve been painted using the same technique as the Space Marines. Additional details include the tattooed bar code on their foreheads (I imagine them getting scanned in and out) and blood splashes over the lower parts of the model and weapons. This was achieved using some red ink and and old paint brush and swiping it across a metal edge like a steel rule. With a bit of practice you can get those damn spots to go any where!

Two Ogryn Berserkers ready  for blood.

Two Ogryn Berserkers ready for blood. Or just their dinner.

Ogryn Berserkers_02

Note the splashes of blood flicked on.

Note the splashes of blood flicked on.


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  1. John says:

    So very pretty and so very angry. I do like the mutilator conversion – it makes me want to do less maths and more modelling…

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks John! He got his first game last week, where he charged a Soulgrinder in order to use his Chainfists on it. It didn’t end well…

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