World Eaters Chaos Lord

The 40k Escalation league at the local club is going well! In the first month, I won both my games, and submitted the required painted troops unit, meaning I am now joint top of the league with some Necrons and Tyranids. It’ll get much more difficult from here, I’m sure. The 500 point World Eaters list consisted of:

Chaos Lord with Power Axe, Melta Bombs and Veterans of the Long War (VOTLW)

Chaos Space Marine Squad (10 men), VOTLW, plus 2x Plasma Guns

Chaos Space Marine Squad (10 men), VOTLW, plus 2x Plasma Guns

10 Chaos Cultists

These mighty heroes managed to beat a Tau army with a Riptide Battlesuit by the simple strategy of avoiding it, and then picking up kill points by tearing through the Fire Warriors and Fireblade in close combat. They also defeated a highly elite force of Death Watch Space Marines (using the Blood Angels Codex) through sheer weight of fire power. Fortunately, Sternguard and Assault Marines die just as easily to my guns as regular Space Marines.

Although I haven’t yet played my June games (I know, I’m running out of time), the 750 point force for the month include the above, with the addition of a Predator Annihilator with lascannon sponsons and a squad of Havocs with Autocannons (for those of you with a Chaos Space Marine Codex in front of you, I dropped the Melta Bombs from the Lord). We’ll see how the force does when I play Tyranids this week! Speaking, of the Lord, he’s my submission for the June hobby contest. Here he is in all his kit-bashed glory, Lord Borax the Instigator!


World Eaters Lord Borax

Lord Borax the Instigator

World Eaters Lord Borax_01

“…you’ve got “Replica” written down the side of your guns… whereas I’ve got “Desert Eagle point five O written on mine”

Lord Borax the Instigator

He’s in command until he dies, or I find someone better, i.e. Kharn the Betrayer




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