Pre-Heresy World Eaters – The Horde Takes Shape

I’ve been pretty busy the last week, but I’ve still found time to knock together some Space Marines. You can see the mass of frothing killers below. Although almost none of the models are finished, as I like to do things in batches (I’m a manufacturing engineer by training), there’s actually a lot of progress that’s been made!

You can see in the picture:

  • A Vindicator
  • A Rhino for one of the squads to ride around in (no prizes for guessing which one)
  • A lone Biker, who’ll be getting some more friends to join him in the future
  • Thirty Space Marines, divided into three squads – two squads are armed with bolters and two plasma guns, one squad has close combat weapons and two meltaguns
  • Ten cultists armed with whatever was going cheap at the time
World Eaters Horde

The World Eaters Horde

The premise for the army is that it’s not technically a pre-Heresy army – it’s a ‘during the Heresy’ army. A certain Mr. Willard Foxton, on hearing I was planning a World Eater army, suggested I read the book ‘Betrayer’ by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Now, whilst I’m not sure I could describe anything produced by Black Library as literature, it was extremely entertaining, and indeed inspiring. I really liked the tragic nature of the World Eaters  and the ‘there but for the grace of God’ feel of them. What happens to them could have happened to any Space Marine Legion, but it happened to them and now they’re stuck with it. So, the army features the bold heraldry of Space Marine force, along with the semblance of a military organisation. But, the Chain Axes have started to creep in and some units are starting to look a bit hodge-podge. One model is still bearing a legion banner, but his comrades have clearly started to add skulls to the top. Any model that’s not wearing a helmet gets the dreaded Butcher’s Nails (I’ve added piping leading into their skulls), the archeotech that keeps the World Eaters in a heightened state of rage. Out of a misplaced sense of loyalty, the World Eaters have undergone the same psycho surgery of their broken Primarch.

The cultists are probably the remains of an Imperial Army unit that had the misfortune to be allied to the World Eaters. I suspect they’re the victims of experimental psycho surgery that has gone wrong (or possibly right! I guess we’ll only know when they hit the battlefield) an are now herded onto the battlefield as fodder for the guns of the enemies.

Next on the blog, I’ll be posting the proposed army list, along with (hopefully!) some actual finished models! I may need your help on the army list, so check it out.


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