Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Predator

I’ve just finished my first vehicle for my Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists – A Predator Destructor with Predator Cannon and Lascannon sponsons. As you can see, it’s not one of the swanky Forgeworld models, it’s a vintage 1988 Rogue Trader era GW Predator that’s been salvaged and refitted. I’d inherited some very old bits and pieces that were looking very sad for themselves. I thought they deserved better than being thrown in the bin, so I embarked on a Car-and-Classic style restoration project! The original tank was disassembled as much as I dare (whilst trying to remove components on very old, poorly assembled kits, it can be tricky to get the parts off without breaking them) and then soaked in Dettox overnight. An old toothbrush then disposed of most of the paint (but not the emulsion some previous owner appeared to have used on it…). Once it was dry, it was cleaned with a knife and file. It was then primed Skull White and sprayed with Army Painter Daemonic Yellow for the hull, whilst the accessories were sprayed Chaos Black. Using Army Painter Soft Tone for the shading (I’ll add a blog post later describing exactly how this worked), the model was then painted as normal.

The stowage is a mix of Tamiya modern US Army equipment and parts from Space Marine / Imperial Guard tanks, whilst the crewman was a modern GW Space Marine crew body (it fits almost perfectly!) with a Forgeworld MK2 helmet I had spare.

I’m rather pleased with it!


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