Imperial Fists Land Speeder Typhoon

Here’s the latest Imperial Fist model that’ll be going to the Doubles Tournament in September – a Land Speeder Typhoon. They were great in 5th edition 40k, and I think they’ll still be pretty good in 6th. I guess we’ll find out.
I’ve been told the crew look like they’re having an argument over directions…

But Matt, what if the Typhoon is rubbish in 6th edition and you need a Tornado? Won’t you have to build and paint another? Well, no! Suddenly, it’s packing a Multi Melta and a Heavy Flamer.

Now it’s a 4th edition classic with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter.

Now it’s… how I would have stuck it together if I was 11. Don’t expect a good reception if you try and take this to a tournament.

And the reason for the magic – magnets.



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