Flesh Eaters Space Marine Objectives

As promised, here are pictures of the Objectives I bult and painted for the army. Their first outing was the February 2012 40K Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World, where I was very pleased to win the best objectives award. I’m really happy with them, and I find they add a lot of character to games. My favourite is probably the Marine who’s taking a quick snack mid battle. The Flesh Eaters need to get to him to preserve the secret – unfortunately, in one memorable Doubles game, this objective was claimed by my ally, Pat Dunford and his Battle Sisters – a unit of Seraphim stood around him, horrified…

For those Flesh Eaters who can stay their hunger and wait for their meat to be cooked, there’s the BBQ-Droid-5000.


Slightly less silly, is the unfortunate soul who was entrusted with the SECRET DOCUMENTS.

Next up is the Servitor with Necro-Sludge. Don’t ask me why it’s so important future soldiers are fighting over it; I don’t know.

I hear they have a great corporate responsibility policy.

Finally, wounded Techmarine clutching melta bomb. I’m… not sure… how much longer… I can hold onto… this thing…!




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