Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament, 14 days to go…

Well as many of the doubters predicted, Pat and I will sadly not be taking the Macragge PDF / Ultramarine 1st company army to the Doubles Tournament. So, it’ll be the old fall back of the Flesh Eaters Space Marines and Pat’s Battle Sisters. I can’t complain too much – we came fourth out of 120-odd teams last time with this combination, and with some modifications, these forces should be even more effective.

I’m going through and cleaning, fixing and finishing off the Flesh Eaters where necessary. I’ll be adding one or two new models too – I’ll post pictures when they’re finished. In the mean time, here are the first of the newly spruced Flesh Eaters – Librarian Elijah and Mechanised Assault Squad Number one. The Librarian is converted from various marine bits, the Sergeant is built from parts from the Blood Angels Death Company and the Razorback turret has been converted from Space Marine Plasma Pistols, a Razorback Lascannon and plasticard. 


I hate it when the doubters are right.

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