Bristol Vanguard Vanquish 2011 and Jason Gaylard’s Deathwatch Space Marines

So Bristol Vanguard’s Vanquish event has been and gone – as ever, it was a great event with fantastic gaming boards. The new venue (Oasis Academy, Shirehampton) was excellent, if anything, better than the previous. The larger hall gave the 60 gamers extra space, and allowed the food stall to be in the same room, adding to the atmosphere. There was even room for one Target-Gaming to set up shop selling the new Grey Knights. The results are available here (and you’ll see that yours truly did pretty poorly), but the main highlight for me is always best army. There were some pretty cool armies there this year, but the well-deserved winner was Jason Gaylard, with his Deathwatch Space Marines. Jason’s Mantis Warriors have previously featured on this blog, and it’s great to have another of his armies shown here. The Deathwatch draw their marine s from nearly all the chapters of the Imperium and Jason’s ensured that no two in the army are the same – each one has had its own heraldry sculpted on. The free hand on the vehicles looks great too and really draws the eye. As I say, a well-deserved winner.

Also, 10 points to anyone who can name all the chapters.


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3 Responses to “Bristol Vanguard Vanquish 2011 and Jason Gaylard’s Deathwatch Space Marines”

  1. John says:

    You forgot to mention that you were nominated for best army too! Are you going to showcase your Flesheaters? Or are you letting Jason have his moment in the limelight?

  2. Unbeteiligter says:

    Most impressive!

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