Among the Winners, There is No Room for the Weak

As promised, here are more of the new models – this is another of the new ones from the Imperial Fists, a Space Marine Lieutenant riding a Carnosaur. He got a fair bit of attention during the Doubles Tournament, mainly to the tune of “What is THAT?”

The inspiration comes from one of my favourite things about 40K, the anachronisms in it. I really like the idea of a genetically engineered super soldier wearing high tech powered armour riding into battle on an extinct reptile. I modelled him as a big game hunter with a sniper rifle and imagine him prowling the jungle or the plains looking to bag his next trophy. He probably has a lot of alien heads on the wall of his fortress monastery.

I count him as an Ironclad Dreadnought (yes, it requires a little imagination), with Seismic Claw with built in Heavy Flamer (Seismic Jaw that breathes fire!), Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (mighty claws), Storm Bolter (rifle held by the rider) and smoke launchers (issuing from his flaming nostrils). It kind of works and was a lot of fun to use, especially in one game where he got to eat 30 Orks, a Weirdboy (bad case of indigestion) and a clanking Ork Death Robot. Unfortunately countless acts of dinosaur cruelty occurred, whereby heartless enemies seemed to delight in shooting his legs off. This left him unable to acquire his own dinner, leaving him very hungry and distressed.


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  1. John says:

    Yes, it does require some imagination. I still like my idea of using it as a Thunderwolf. Of course, this means you’d have to use the Space Wolf codex…

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