This Week I’ve Painted… Imperial Fist Razorback

The new Imperial Fists are trundling along nicely, with the addition of a Space Marine Razorback
to carry some of the Tactical Marines around in. Nothing particularly flashy about this one, the aim was speed with this, as I want to spend more time on show boating character models. With that in mind, preparation was key here; several components were painted separately before assembly. Anything dark was temporarily attached to a length of sprue and sprayed Chaos Black. This included the stowage, Heavy Bolters and tracks. Everything else was sprayed white and then given three light coats of Bad Moon Yellow paint. This reduced the amount of re-undercoating I would have to do, and allowed me to highlight the stowage etc. without fear of getting any dark colours on my precious yellow. This lets me paint with a freer and quicker style, greatly speeding things up. The tracks were simply drybrushed Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal, again without fear of getting anything on the yellow hull armour. The armour itself was painted in the usual Vomit Brown / Skull White shade/highlight combo. Once all the big areas were done, I then super glued everything together. Some water slide transfers (I know it’s cheating, but this was all about speed) completed the model. The explosions were supposed to be Dark Angel Devastator badges on the sheet, but I think they suit most Space Marines, and the red goes well with the yellow. Before spraying it with Citadel Purity Seal I gave the transfers a quick coat of Citadel Matt varnish out of the pot. If you spray directly onto the transfers, it tends to lift them, ruining the transfers and your careful work. And voila! A couple of evening’s work and one finished Space Marine tank.


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