This Week I’ve Painted… More Imperial Fists

Now we have tickets for teh 40K Doubles tournament, I’ve got to get painting! Here’s some more Imperial Fist Tactical Marines that I’ve completed. The Missile Launcher is pretty standard, though he does use the kneeling legs from the Devestator sprue. The Bolter armed Marine has had his gun upgraded with an enormous Chainblade – I always liked the daft chain bayonets on the old RTB01 sprues and this is my homage to it. Some have commented that it’s too big, but I figure 40K is all about the silly, right?

The Flamer uses Black Templar components extensively – I figure the Imperial Fists will have a crusading element within their chapter that owe something to their cousins. And what better weapon for such a warrior as the flamer? Tabards and scrollwork from the Tempar sprue add the righteous element to him.


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2 Responses to “This Week I’ve Painted… More Imperial Fists”

  1. Andy says:

    I love all of your Imperial Fists stuff, would you be able to share what paints you use?!? Thanks!! :)

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Andrew, glad you like them! These particular chaps were under coated white and base coated with Bad Moon Yellow (I think Flash Gitz yellow is the nearest current equivalent), line shaded in the recesses with Vomit Brown (Tau shade Ochre) and edge highlighted with Skull White (Ceramite white). Hope that helps!

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