This Week I’ve Painted… Protectorate of Menoth Reckoner Warjack

Bit slow to update this week, but her’s what I’ve been up to. The Choir of Menoth in my small Protectorate of Menoth force clearly needed something to sing about – so here it is – A new Reckoner Warjack. Obviously, It’s not the actual Privateer Press Reckoner model – I decided that I really like the plastic ones and decided to base my Reckoners on those. I simply added a giant cannon and a big club with a censer in the top. Seeing as my bits box is almost entirely comprised of GW bits, I used some of these to build it up. The cannon uses an Imperial Guard mortar with arrows taken from a Chaos star for decoration. The club is an Empire cannon with the centre section (with the crest) removed and holes drilled in the top for the incense fumes to emerge from.

The paint scheme uses the same palette as the Choir, but I tried a bit of ‘sport painting’ on the club with the gold, inspired by Andrew Taylor’s Adeptus Custodes, but I’m not overly pleased with how it came out. More practice, I think!


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  1. StargateNerd says:

    I think you should either put some more gunmetal on the flame belcher, or some more gold on the cannon barrel. To me it just looks like a flame belcher with a barrel (Given, that is what it is) so making the colours blend a bit more than just having a sharp edge between the gold and gunmetal might give it a more convincing look.

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