This Week I’ve Painted… Skaven Warlord Queek Headtaker

The Skaven continue to get painted, with the next one off the table being no less than the army general. I’m aiming for a first block of 1,000 points, led by a chieftain, who’ll be in a large unit of Clanrats to back him up. I feel a general for any army should always be a cool and impressive model – that way you know he’s the general! In the Skaven range, they don’t come much more cool and impressive than Queek Headtaker (well, okay, maybe the Screaming Bell, but that’ll be coming later!). For now, he’ll simply be a Skaven Chieftain with some kind of magic weapon, but in larger games, I may use him as Queek. He is pretty mean. I’ve painted him in the same style as the Gutter Runners I’ve already completed, but with obviously more time and attention lavished on him. The main difference is, of course, the bright red armour. Red will most likely feature in the rest of the army, but I didn’t think it appropriate for the Gutter Runners. I’m really pleased with how it came out, and surprise, surprise, it features Citadel Foundation Paints and Washes…

  • Start with a solid coverage of Mechrite Red. I used two thin coats to achieve this. I remember GW staffers demonstrating the opaqueness of Foundation Paints’ colour during their release by putting down one thick coat, but this just comes out too rough and obscures detail. Two slightly watered down coats produces a really smooth, really strong base colour.
  • I went in with a fine detail brush and lined all the recesses with Scorched Brown as a initial shade
  • I then painted a wider line of Thraka Green Wash in the recesses, over the Scorched Brown and red. This ties the colours together to create a natural, progressive shade. Green may seem counter intuitive, but as it’s opposite red on the colour wheel, it actually produces a great shading colour, particularly as a translucent wash.
  • I used neat Blood Red for highlights, followed by a Blood Red/Bleached Bone/Sunburst Yellow mix. Highlighting red can be tricky – too white and it comes out pink, too yellow and it comes out orange. I use Bleached Bone and Sunburst Yellow mixed with red to try to achieve a balance between the two.
  • The highlights on their own will look pretty stark at this point, so a wash of Baal Red wash over all the red areas ties it all together and intensifies the colour. Armour finished!


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