Jason’s Mantis Warriors Space Marines

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and constructive criticism about the Space Sharks article I ran earlier – everyone seemed to like it, but it was a little long for a blog post format. Comments taken on board guys!

Anyway, I mentioned in that article that many others had built and painted armies specifically for the Badab Campaign weekend at Warhammer world. Here’s another one for you – Jason Gaylard’s Mantis Warriors.

Jason approached choosing an army in much the same way that I did – picking a chapter that had a cool name and a cool colour scheme that wasn’t too onerous to paint (I’m looking at you Minotaurs). To match the original artwork, Jason mixed up a green paint using a secret formula (well, he claims it’s secret – he might have just forgotten it…) and liberally applied it to his army. He’s gone for a slightly Japanese theme with much of the army – see the standard bearer and the Mitsubishi-esque army badge on the leg plates of the Marines. The characters and squads have also been given Japanese names.

Much like the Space Sharks, this army was designed for 4th edition 40K, but hasn’t really changed that much in 5th. The issue with the Sharks was that the Land Speeders and Predators that it so relied upon were so changed. Jason’s had rather less issues with this, probably through some kind of evil prescience (his usual army is Thousand Sons) and so he’s continued to game with his army as it is, albeit with a few additions as time has gone on.

Starting with the headquarters units, the Mantis Warriors have a variety to choose from. The Chaplain, Akago, is built from a plastic Terminator with the addition of a head from the Chaos Warrior sprue (the Skull for a face one – the same one as Chaplain Skeletor in the Space Sharks), a banner top for the Crozius Arcanum – or the ‘Pimp Stick’, and a cool black paint job.

Librarian Shimio is another plastic model, which shows the versatility of the current plastic Space Marine kits. There are so many options and such a range of components that you can build almost anything using them. Jason used some of the Dark Angel Veteran and Ravenwing components as the core of this – the robe, the hood and the book all come from there.

There is a choice of Mantis Warrior Captains, one, Captain Takashi with a relic blade, modelled as a giant club. The other, in a brilliant piece of theming, is armed with a pair of giant preying-mantis style claws, taken from the Dark Eldar Drazhar model. Jason counts these distinctive weapons as lightning claws. Whichever model is chosen, they get to lead the command squad, where the stand out model is the standard bearer. I love the Japanese myth feel of the image, with the bold young warrior hunting the mantis through a field of giant dandelions. It’s very different from your standard Space Marine Banner, yet fits the army perfectly.

If fielding the Chaplain, then Jason normally also takes some Terminators and he has the option to take up to ten of them – an intimidatingly sized squad.

To take objectives, there are two Tactical Squads, which can be mounted a Rhino and a Razorback, as well as a Scout squad. The transports have had extra armour fitted using plasticard, as well as additional stowage.

Two Dreadnought provide heavy firepower and punch to the army, as does the Land Speeeder Tempest, when he’s able to use it. As a Forgeworld model, with non-codex rules, Jason’s not always able to use this, but it’s a cool model nonetheless, particularly with its interior detail.

Finally, just like the Space Sharks and their mobile Heavy Bolter unit, the Mantis warriors benefited from a bonus unit during the Badab campaign weekend too. In the case of eth Mantis Warriros, they got the ‘Tranquillity Sniper Unit’ mentioned in the original colour article from the late 80’s. Jason’s modelled them using Green Stuff Cloaks and the sniper rifles come from the Vindicare Assassin.

I’m planning on bringing plenty more armies, including more by Jason, to this blog, as and when I can photograph them. If you’re any comments, be sure to let me know.


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  1. Gitsplitta says:

    Nice job on an old chapter with a storied history. Just wonderful to see.

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