This Week I’ve painted… Skaven Gutter Runners

Because painting one new army just isn’t enough work to have on your modelling bench, I’m working on another. With the release of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition and the soon to be released Island of Blood with all its juicy new Skaven models, I’ve decided to start a Skaven army. Although the horde of models that that requires painting is rather off putting, the Skaven get to use lots of the new 8th edition rules (the ‘Horde’ formation, monstrous infantry, magic and more) and have a great range of plastics, especially with the new Rat Ogres in the Island of Blood set. Whilst I wait for that box to be released, I’ve started on some models I had already. The new Skirmish and Scout rules seem to be pretty good to me, plus their decent stat line makes Skaven Gutter Runners seem extremely useful to me. Additionally, I had a set of old Mordheim Skaven in one of my bits boxes, which would make ideal models.

So, here they are! 120 points of sneaky Skaven villainy. They’ll act to either support the flanks of my hordes of Clanrats, or use their Scout rule to disrupt enemy warmachines. They’ve been painted in predominantly dark colours, as befits slinking rogues. I’ve been using the Citadel inks a lot, with the fur, skin, cloth and metal all being washed, in the following method:

• After spray undercoating, any metal areas were painted with Boltgun Metal.

• The fur was painted with Scorched Brown.

• The cloth areas were painted Codex Grey.

• All of these areas were given a liberal coat of Badab Black wash . Once this was totally dry (and it needs to be totally) I gave the metal areas a second coat of Badab Black to further dull them down (thanks for the tip, Ben).

• Once this was totally dry, I went back and highlighted the metal with Boltgun Metal and the cloth with Codex Grey. The fur I deemed more important and this was highlight with extra layers, first with Scorched Brown, then with a mix of Scorched Brown and Fortress Grey.

• The skin (the hands, tails, ears, nose, lips and eye brows) was given a coat of Tanned Flesh, followed by Ogryn Flesh wash. In the same manner as above, once this was dry, it was highlighted with Tanned Flesh and then Dwarf Flesh.

• It was then a simple matter to highlight the black areas, add some detail to the teeth and eyes and paint the base. A coat of Purity Seal and some static grass finishes them off nicely.

I’m a big fan of the Citadel washes, and shading three different areas of a model at once really speeds up the painting process. The Skaven Clanrats will be painted in a very similar method, but probably with another colour in there to brighten things up. I’m thinking red – which means Mechrite Red and Baal Red wash, of course…


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