This Week I’ve Painted… The Choir of Menoth

Recently, I went and purchased a whole bunch of models for a new army. Nothing remarkable there for me you might think, except that this is probably the first non-Games Workshop army for war gaming I’ve ever bought (okay, there was that German World War II army, but they were for a Warhammer based game). There’s been a lot of excitement around Privateer Press’ new version of Wamachine around here lately – the Mark II version of the rules were released at the end of last year and we figured it was about time we got around to playing some.  Purchasing myself the rulebook (which it has to be said, is a lovely product), I had a look at the various forces and decided to pick the Protectorate of Menoth. They have a very cool red and white colour scheme and lots of FIRE! But only for those that deserve it, of course.

The first models I’ve painted are the Choir of Menoth – apparently they’re a must have for any Menoth force. They don’t actually do much by themselves, but they support the Warjacks by infusing them with holy power. This can either make them immune to various attacks or increase the amount of damage they do. I’ve painted them in the same colours as in the book, albeit with Citadel paints instead of Privateer Press’ Formula P3 paints. I’m sure PP’s are very good, but when I already have a large range of nicely coloured paints, I didn’t really see the need to get a new set. The areas I’m most pleased with are probably the ‘Sanguine’ areas (the deep red colour on the cloaks). I started with a Dark Flesh, with Scab Red over the top of that, which was highlighted with a mix of Scab Red and Bleached Bone. It was then shaded with Leviathan  Purple wash in the recesses and finished off with a liberal coat of Baal Red ink to tie all the colours together. I’ve been using Citadel’s washes a lot lately, and I’ve found they’re greatly improving both the speed and quality of my painting. My only gripe is that because you don’t water them down much, you tend to get through them VERY quickly. Devlin Mud and Badab Black are particularly useful. I plan on painting the rest of the Menoth force in the same way. Speaking of which…

I’ve started at 25 points and my  list follows one of the theme forces from the Menoth book, with Reznik as its Warcaster (according to the book he’s both the Protectorate’s High Executioner and head of Public Relations!):

Warcaster Servath Reznik:  -6 points

Reckoner Warjack: 7 points

Reckoner Warjack: 7 points

Knight Exemplar Cinerators: 5 points

Flameguard Cleansers: 6 points

Flameguard Cleansers: 6 points

Choir of Menoth: 2 points

Wracks: 0 points

Total: 25 points

(Note the reduced cost for Reckoners and Wracks due to the theme force)

I’ve picked the force with an eye to models I like rather than tactical ability, but hopefully this force will ruin the fun of Ben (Who’s chosen Cryx), Dom (Cygnar) and George (who, in a fit of contrariness chose a Hordes army – Legion of Everblight) with crusading fun and fire. Obviously, I’m a beginner at this, but if you’re a Warmachine veteran, let me know what you think of the force above.


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