Warhammer 8th edition – our first game

So we tried out the new Warhammer a couple of weeks back (apologies for the posting delay- I’ll try better from now on)!

Ben and John (also known as George – it’s a long story involving 90s kids cartoons…) played a 2000 point game, with Ben taking his Vampire Elector Count army and John his Wood Elves. After a hard-fought Battle for the Pass, John’s Wood Elves emerged victorious, with Ben taking defeat in good grace.

I said, with Ben taking defeat in good Grace.

That’s better.

So, we all agreed that at first glance the system seems really good, with the following being our initial thoughts:

• Level four wizards are very, very powerful. Adding 4 to the casting roll also makes it comparatively safer for them to cast as they don’t need to roll so many dice – especially with that new miscast table.

• Remember the new rules when declaring a charge! Don’t assume that you cavalry that would have easily won a combat before will do so now. Especially if charging high initiative models that will strike before you can – this certainly surprised Ben at one point.

• Even if you lose, you still get to roll lots of dice now.

• Monstrous infantry just got a lot better. George took a six-man unit of treekin, which proceeded to stomp (both literally and figuratively, given the new stomp rule) all over Ben’s poor Deadites.

• Ben still doesn’t like the Black Coach.

• A lot of people will be re-writing their army lists – with so many changes, what was once a game winning army is no longer so powerful. Ben’s already considering his options. John is rather less keen on changing his winning army…

Anyway, after all this fun, I’m going to start a Skaven army. Given the above, I think it’ll include a Grey Seer (level four Wizard – check), Rat Ogres (monstrous infantry – check) and Gutter Runners (high initiative infantry – check). If nothing else, there’re some great new models.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the new Warhammer?


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